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About Jenn

Fudge By Jenn is premium, small-batch, artisan fudge that will blow your fudging mind! My business is registered, insured, and abides by all cottage-industry requirements.


I'm Jenn and I am obsessed with fudge! I truly believe fudge should be not only delicious, but also exciting. My passion for good fudge, and my determination for great flavor drives my business forward (right into your mouth.)


I started with a "secret family recipe" from my Mom and Granny and have adapted it into a truly unique and delicious experience that I want to share with you.  If you live in the Cincinnati area, Fudge By Jenn is a must-try to satisfy your sweet tooth and also makes the perfect homemade gift. 


I have been eating and making fudge my entire life.  When I was a little girl, my mother attempted to get into the fudge business, but instead turned her focus to decorative and fine-art painting, which was an art she was very talented with.


During the pandemic of 2020, I was overtaken with the motivation and desire to organize and grow my business - and was determined to share the joy of Fudge By Jenn with others. My mother passed away from breast cancer in 2019 before she could see any of this take off, but I know she's still following along, and brings me ongoing motivation.

My number one job is a stay-at-home-mom for two young boys, but I make and sell fudge in any extra time I can come up with. I operate out of my home in West Chester, OH Fall through Spring, using social media to announce available flavors, Pop Up sales, and vendor show appearances. Fudge By Jenn is growing in demand and has now expanded into select retail locations - and excited for more! As I always say, you'll want to follow along for a fudging good time.

Let's get fudged!

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Fudge By Jenn
Fudge By Jenn
Fudge By Jenn
Fudge By Jenn
About Jenn


Fudge By Jenn

Q: What makes Fudge By Jenn different than any other fudge I've had?

A: Texture and flavor.  Fudge By Jenn has a unique smoothness along with high-impact flavor.

Q: Can I order any flavor at any time?

A: Yes and no. You can contact me for an order at any time and I will do my best to accommodate. Depending on timing, I may steer you towards what is already in stock in the fudge fridge, or recommend a scheduled Pop Up sale or vendor show, which offers a select set of available flavors.

Q: Do you ship?

ANo, Fudge By Jenn is pick up only.

Q: Can I freeze your fudge?

A: Yes, keep the fudge in as large of a piece as possible and double-bag. But I recommend just keeping it in the fridge, where it will stay smooth and delicious for weeks.

Q: Why don't you operate in the summer?

A: Kids and weather.  My number one job is a stay-at-home mom.  And summer = heat.  I make a soft fudge, which is best refrigerated.  In the summer, it's harder to make and harder to store large quantities.

Q: What is your favorite fudge flavor?

A: Chocolate Orange.  It reminds me of every childhood Christmas when Mom would put a chocolate orange in my stocking.

Q: How many flavors do you have?

A: It's always changing, but I have hundreds of flavors and combinations. Have you seen the Flavor page??

Q: Talk to me about technical stuff.

A: All products are home produced and best refrigerated.  All products contain milk and soy and may also contain peanuts, treenuts and wheat. All products are made in a kitchen with known food allergens, including but not limited to: milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, egg, fish, and shellfish.

Low Fat? No           Egg? No

Sugar Free? No      Soy?  Yes

Dairy Free?  No      Nuts?  Yes

Keto? No                 Marshmallow?  Yes

Vegan? No              Gluten Free? Up to you

                 Amazing?  YES!!

Fudge By Jenn
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