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What are you fudging waiting for?! Click the link above to start your fudge order. Choose your fudge format (1/4lb packs, flights, bite boxes or platters) and choose between any combination of available flavors. Pick up will default to the upcoming Saturday after the order is placed. Customers are welcome to arrange another pick up day/time, (as early as same day!) and just need to send a message or email to coordinate. 

Custom Orders

Custom order inquiries are welcome at any time! Whether you've had your heart set on specific flavors, need large quantities, or looking for event-worthy creations, I can help fudge you up. Please note that I have limited capacity during summer months. Email to get started.

All orders are for local pick up in West Chester Township, OH.

Prices listed are for home-based customer sales.  Bulk order, wholesale, or vendor pricing may vary.


1/4 lb PACKS

Know what you like? Need awesome gifts? Single Flavor Packs let you stock your fridge for the best value.  Each pack is a solid 1/4 lb and beautifully wrapped for safe keeping. Perfect for gift giving or a DIY platter.

$6 per pack, or 5 packs for $25

Fudge by Jenn variety box
Fudge By Jenn 1/4 pound pack
Fudge By Jenn 1/4lb Packs


Can't decide on flavors? Getting together with friends? Go for a Fudge Flight. A flight will total about 1/2 lb and you choose four to six available flavors to build your own.

1/2 lb Flight - $15

Fudge by Jenn fudge flight
Fudge By Jenn fudge flight
Fudge By Jenn fudge flight


Looking to try a lot of flavors at once? Or need a special gift or party favor? Try a 6-piece or 10-piece Bite Box. Each box consists of a 1" cube of each flavor you select. Build your box with any combination of current, available flavors.


6-piece - $10 per box

10-piece - $15 per box

Fudge By Jenn bite box
Fudge By Jenn bite box
Fudge By Jenn bite box


If you want to look like a fudging rock star at your next gathering, bring a platter of Fudge By Jenn. Depending on platter size and bite size, there will be a limit on the number of flavors on the platter.  Bite size options:

  • Large - 1"cube/2 bites

  • Small - 1 bite

  • Micro - just a taste (most popular)

1.5 lb - $45 (36 large / 96 small / 140 micro)

2.0 lb - $55 (48 large / 125 small / 190 micro)

2.5 lb - $65 (60 large / 160 small / 240 micro)

3.0 lb - $75 (72 large / 190 small / 280 micro)

3.5 lb - $85 (84 large / 220 small / 330 micro)

4.0 lb - $95 (96 large / 250 small / 380 micro)

Fudge By Jenn platters
Fudge By Jenn platters
Fudge By Jenn platters
Fudge By Jenn platters
Fudge By Jenn platters
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